New and Refurbishment of teak decks

Fairey refitThis is a teak deck replacement project we carried out on Najad 390 during 2015.

 The first section of pictures show the removal of the old teak deck.



This section of pictures shows the old sealent/bonding agent being removed from the deck area, this was followed filling and fairing of the deck in preparation for the new teak deck.


The following pictures show the margins being cut and fitted in place.


Next section of work was the cutting and fitting of the new teak deck,This was carried out using stainless steel fixings and 2 pack adhesive all were glues and doweled.


After the new teak deck was fitted all the seams were cleaned and all planks taped up ready for priming.


We applied 2 layers of Clear Sikalfex primer, followed by 2 layers of Sikaflex 290DC deck caulking in all seams.


Finally all excess sika was trimmed and the deck was sanded flush


New teak deck fitted to a 23ft Gaff Cutter during her refit in 2011/12

This was done during her refit here at Southsea Marina, more pictures of the Gaff cutter refit can be found in Re-fits and Restorations


Here is a Fairey Huntsman motor boat having a new teak deck applied

The first 2 pictures are to show you what she looked like before any work was started. The follwoing pictures show the start of the margins going into place, as you progress you can see the deck is coming along and we have applied Skiaflex 290 DC. The final pictures show the detailing and time taken with shaping and placmant of all fittings, and the final image is the complet project finshed.

More pictures of the total re-fit of this boat can found in our gallery Fairey refit

This Rival 41 teak deck was badly degraded so we applied a new teak deck


Picture 1 shows the deck before started work.  

Pictures 2 shows JWS removing the old teak from the deck.

Picture 3 This hatch is for the anchor locker top, this is fitted by hand and is solid 18mm teak, all glued individually and with sikaflex deck caulking. This will be allowed to cure for 3 days before finishing off.

Picture 4 Shows the hatch all cleaned off and with teal dowls ready for removal.

Picture 5 this shows the care taken with the new sail tracks that have been fitted to the deck, all deck fittings are fitted using sikaflex 291 this guarantees that they will not leak in the future.

Picture 6 This shows the deck finished with all deck fittings back in place ready for use.

Pictures 7/8/9/10/11 These photos are of the boat back in the water looking good.

Pictures 12 & 13 These are of the hatch we showed earlier, finished and fitted.



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Mr Brighouse, Chichester

I chose to use JWS for my anti-fouling, wood repair (interior and exterior) and tiller work to be carried out. I was not disappointed with their thorough service and professionalism before, during and after work. Highly recommend them and would use again.

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