JWS Marine Services pride our self's on our ability to give the customer what he or she wants. When we apply Copper coat we do it under cover in our 2000sq foot workshop. This will allow us to monitor the application of the copper coat and keep the hull completely clean at all times. Monitoring the temperature during application enables us to give the best finish possible. Copper coat can be applied outside in the open but this can bring delays if the weather is bad. JWS marine services will carry out a few checks before the boat is even blasted, one of the first is to check that the hull is not wet. Applying epoxy over a wet hull will trap the moisture in and accelerate osmosis; have a look at osmosis page it will give you more info on this problem. Moisture readings of the hull will be taken and reported back to the owner at this point we will give the owner advice of what to do next. As you can see from the pictures it is a labour intensive job due to the time frame you have for the application of the product. JWS marine services normally have 3 people applying - 2 rolling the product on and 1 mixing and brushing where needed this way we can guarantee that the finish is smooth and clean. Why don’t have a look at our photo gallery and have a look at other boats that we have copper coated over the many years.

The process of a Copper coat application is as follows  -

1. Check hull moisture readings. (FYI Reading are taken to check for osmosis/hi moisture as JWS will not apply Copper coat unless the moisture level is below 10% as this would trap moisture in the hull causing osmosis in the hull.)

2. If reading are found to be acceptable then we would proceed to blast the hull with a grit media.

3. Check moisture readings.

4. Move boat into the workshop. (JWS carryout all Copper coat applications within our workshop as we can monitor the applications better and we are not weather dependant.)

5. Sand hull. (We sand the hull so we can guarantee a clean hull and a proper bond for the epoxy)

6. At this point we would check the hull for any defects and report our finding if any back to the owner.

7. Clean hull and carryout any remedial jobs that mayb be required such as pin holes, star cracks etc.

8. Check hull moisture reading and report back to the owner, confirm the owner is happy to proceed with the application of Copper coat.

9. Apply 5 coats of Copper coat. (Copper Coat is £70.00 Ex Vat per liter, sundries required for application are 2 litres of thinners, rollers, trays and masking tape.)

10.  De-tape and clean up working area.

11. Allow the Copper coat to harden off for 4-5 days, after curing wet and dry sand the hull to activate the Copper behind the epoxy.

12. Lift and re-cradle is required at this point so the Copper coat can be applied to patches left for the cradle.

The time scale for this application is 2/3 weeks from start to finish of the application. (subject to additional epoxy layers, if these are required this will increase the time frame for the application)





Copper coat is a tough and robust product that will last the rigours of time in every mixture of water grades. It is the combination of a specially developed solvent-free epoxy resin and high purity (99%) copper. Each litre of resin is impregnated with 2 kilos of ultra fine spherical copper powder, the maximum allowed by law, making Copper coat the strongest copper based anti-fouling available saving the time and expense of annual re-anti-fouling. Indeed no other anti-fouling exposes as much active copper to unwanted marine life as Copper coat and yet it is environmentally friendly.

For more pictures of Copper coat applications we have carried out here at JWS please see our Copper Coat section in our gallery of latest works



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Mr Brighouse, Chichester

I chose to use JWS for my anti-fouling, wood repair (interior and exterior) and tiller work to be carried out. I was not disappointed with their thorough service and professionalism before, during and after work. Highly recommend them and would use again.

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JWS Marine Services pride our self's on our ability to give the customer what he or she wants. We offer a range of services in order to restore your vessel and take great care in doing so. Click one of the below to find out more.

Copper Coat

When we apply copper coat we do it under cover in our 2000sq footwork shop. This will allow us to monitor the application of the copper coat and keep the hull completely clean at all times.

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Osmosis prevention should start when you buy a new boat. Up to 3 coats of epoxy coating can be added to the new hull and for best protection this should be done before the hull is put in the water.

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Shipwright & Wood

JWS Marine services real passion is wooden classics and we enjoy nothing more than working with them whether it be from a minor repair to a total re-fit and all that is in between.

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GRP Repairs

Whether it be from a small scratch or some star crazing to a hole or dent caused by an impact, with our expertise and high quality finish on all gel repairs carried out you will be pleased with the finished result.

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When it comes to your boat, keeping her looking tip top is always first on the list, with our maintenance programs we are able to provide a detailed program tailored to you and your boat need, whether that be a basic yearly Antifoul to a full maintenance program

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Our new blast machine is designed for soda blasting but works well with more abrasive media, so we are able to offer a variety of blasting options all with great results. Furthermore we are mobile so we are not limited to Southsea Marina.

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Gas Works

Gas safety checks with certificates available, arried out and supplied by a registered Gas Safe engineer. Please give us a call to discuss all your gas safety requirements and installations, alternativley pop us an email and we will call you back to arrange a visit.

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Insurance Works

We are happy to provide competitive quotes for all insurance claims/works please contact us with all your details.



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